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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  June 3, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone on
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this friday, june 3rd. we are taking a live look at the u.s. capitol dome this morning. a very clear picture out there this morning. let's get a quick look at the weather with tucker barnes. >> absolutely gorgeous across the area. we have temperatures back in the 50s and low 60s. going to be a beautiful day, lots of sunshine, low humidity, high temperatures only in the low 80s. lets he get to it, show you the current conditions. there you go, look at that. 65 at reagan national. that is about 12 degrees cooler than we are 4 hours ago. 55 in win -- winchester. let's take a look at our satellite-radar. we are not going to look at a whole lot. we have very quiet conditions out there. lots of sunshine expected today and again clear skies overnight. it should be a beautiful day, bright blue sky, low humidity. it will be a perfect friday. another nice one, 83 the daytime high. we'll look at the weekend. we have a few changes coming up in just a minute. back to you. now to today's top stories. in prince george's county, police say the bodies of a baby and an adult were found at different locations about a mile apart. this happened in the vicinity of 23rd parkway and oxon run
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drive in hillcrest heights. police have not yet told us how the two people died but the deaths are classified as suspicion. we do know authorities were searching for a missing mother and child in the area earlier this week. police in montgomery county are investigating a car crash that killed one woman. this happened just before 11:00 last night. the car apparently lost control at regina drive in aspen hill and jumped the curb hitting the woman. it is official. mitt romney is running for president. the former massachusetts governor made the announcement yesterday. he taxed president obama's record on the economy saying he will use his business experience to revive the economy and balance the budget. this is romney's second campaign for the white house. we continue to monitor metro for you and again, more
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escalator problems. this week's hot temperatures led to a rice in escalator outages. >> oh, no. no, no, no, no. >> reporter: carolyn crouch doesn't like what she sees at the bethesda metro. the only escalator working is going up and she is going down. >> this one at bethesda is torture because, for meshings i get kind of dizzy. >> reporter: thursday -- for me, i get kind of dizzy. >> reporter: thursday, one out of five escalators was not working. >> no, no, no, too hot to be walking up escalators. >> reporter: heat-related breakdowns increase every summer. >> we are trying to knock that number down with some use of overtime for escalator mechanics and just trying to stay vigilant and keep up with it. >> reporter: but mechanics
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can't top mother nature's heat. at one point all three escalators here were out. in the extreme heat, the chains expand and when they get too loss, they automatically shut down. >> in some cases, it is just a sensor that needs to be reset. in other cases, they need to tighten certain parts on the machinery. >> christy francis just had knee surgery and is on her way to physical therapy. >> we expect them to go out but we expect regular maintenance will be done on them. >> reporter: flip-flops and sandals don't help either. they tend to get stuck in escalators. the rehabilitation program won't be done for six years. 75% of metro's escalators are more than 5 years old o any given day, about 15 to 20% of
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those escalators are out of service. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning. you can see the lincoln memorial there in the distance on this friday, june 3rd, 2011. a lot nicer than maybe you've seen the last couple of days. welcome. i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tucker barnes. i can handle this. >> i think we can all handle this. today, we'll be looking fantastic. >> get out there, do whatever you need to do that maybe you put off while you were in your air conditioned home. >> right. let's get started with our hd radar. not going to show you much. look how quiet it is from
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boston -- from new york to philadelphia to baltimore, washington. >> pittsburgh. >> yes. it should be a bright, sunny, clear day today. not expecting morning a few passing clouds. with that high pressure here off to the north and west, we'll have some winds that will keep the atmosphere dry. it should be a great one. temperature at reagan national in the mid-60s. 65degrees. much of the area in the 50s so open the windows and enjoy the refreshing air. wind is out of the north at nine miles per hour. forecast for today is a good one. sun you, not hot, just warm. there you go -- sunny, not hot, just warm. there you go. >> this is formingious. >> you think i finally heard my air conditioning kick off for the first time in days yesterday. it was really nice. julie wright, let's check in with you. i hope you had your air conditioner on the last couple
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of days. >> it is on. i you just amaze me. i tweeted this and said here she is soaking up the ac looking fabulous. i'm out there running around like a chicken with my head cut off. >> oh, please. i have to compensate in some way. >> the beltway looking good. no problems between college park and bethesda. you will find 270 wide open right now, 109 out to rockville. and the beltway looks good on the utter and inner loop traveling to and from the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, a deadly crash in montgomery county i'm driver on georgia avenue in aspen hill lost control of a car just before 11:00 last night. a woman that was walking on a sidewalk at regina drive was hit and killed. the car ended up in the backyard of a house. montgomery county police have not reheesed the name of the
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woman and are still investigating exactly what happened. a disturbing story out of prince george's county this morning. the bodies of a baby and an adult found at different locations less than a mile apart. police have not where the told us how those two people died or confirmed their identities but the deaths are classified as suspicion. we do know authorities are searching for a missing mother and child in the area earlier this week. prosecutors have decided not to press charges against employees of a d.c. nightclub who chased down and restrained a man. the man's death was initially ruled a homicide. this happened last october outside the dc-9 nightclub in northwest. witnesses told police the victim was beaten to death by
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club workers after throwing a brick through the window. the medical examiner ruled the cause of death to be excited delirium. >> it has been very sad to have started out this case with an arrest and a homicide and then to end up all these months later with literally nothing to say for it. so it is very disappointing. >> the u.s. attorney's office concluded that a prosecution in this case who be impossible because there is no evidence to suggest that the restraint was illegal. the dc-9 club is not commenting so far. the fbi is vicing an unusual robbery attempt in northwest d.c. two people broke into a vacant business trying to gain access to the bank of america on connecticut avenue. we are told the robbers broke through a wall between the business and bank and that is when the alarms sounded and the suspects took off.
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nothing was taken from the bank but the robbers did quite a bit of structural damage. the paar is back on but the frustration level is still height. the power outage happened several days ago. the worst part is it happened during the record-breaking heat we've been having. the outage shut down many city and federal office buildings. now yvette alexander has red an investigation into why so many customers lost power. >> d.c.'s people's council is also going after pepco asking the psc to investigate the latest outages. pepco blames the outage on a high demand for power along with equipment failure. the driver involved in this week's deadly tour bus crash in
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virginia is expected in court later today. 37-year-old kim yu chung is charged with reckless driving. four people died and dozens were injured when the sky express bus he was driving swerved off of interstate 95 early tuesday morning. police say fatigue was a contributing factor to this crash. the government suspended all operations by sky express on wednesday. the controversy over a lewd photo. up next, why congressman anthony weiner says he is done answering questions about t. plus, the latest presidential candidate, mitt romney, says time has run out for president obama. hear why romney says obama has not fulfilled his promises. we'll explain when we come back. the time now is 4:36. lysol believes a healthy family is a happy family.
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the republican field is growing. former massachusetts governor mitt romney made his run for president official.
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he did it in new hampshire yesterday. he says president obama has failed. >> i'm mitt romney. i believe in america. and i'm running for president of the united states. >> reporter: with that, former governor mat romney makes it official. in new hampshire, romney told supporters president obama has failed america. >> when he took office, the economy was in recession and he made it worse. and he made it last longer. three years later, over 16 million americans are out of work or just quit looking for jobs. >> reporter: romney signed autographs, shook hands and handed out bowls of chili. we tried asking him about the devastation in spring field but his press people said no questions. do you think you can say anything about what is going on in western mass? he also didn't want to talk
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about sarah palin who is touring new england right now. what do you think about sarah palin showing up on the same day. >> i'll get a chance to talk with you in just a moment. >> we are adjust meeting people. >> reporter: romney never gave us that chance to chat. >> i think she maybe was a little taken aback in the limelight that donald trump had and wants to get out there. >> reporter: it is what he said he would repeal that drew the big of the applause. >> we'll return the responsibility and authority to the states for dozens of government programs and that will begin with a complete repeal of obama care. >> he is a good public speaker, very interesting to listen to. >> i think he is very smooth and i believe everything he
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says. meanwhile, another republican, minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann plans to be at a presidential debate. she says she will announce her plans in iowa this month and has already hired a senior political staff for the primary state and visited new hampshire and south carolina. new york congressman anthony weiner says he is done answering questions. earlier this week, a picture of a man in underwear was sent from the congressman's personal twitter account. but weiner is strongly denying he tweeted the photo. he claims the account was hacked. >> yesterday, from 1:00 to almost 10:00, you sat down and did interviews with nip that wanted and answered questions extensively, made it very clear i did not send a picture that, my twitter account had been hacked and this frank apparently has been success.
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but after almost 11 hours of answering questions, today, i have to get back to the work that i'm paid to do. >> congressman weiner cannot con furthermore or deny that's the man in the photo. the governor of new jersey will pay back the cost of two helicopter flights to his son's baseball game. governor chris christie and the state republican committee have coughed up nearly $3,400 for the trip. they include a 75-mile ride to the game. christie has made a name for himself by calling for shared sacrifice as he cut spend manage the state and some republicans are pushing for him to run for president. former black pan cher leader, elmer geronimo pratt, has died. he was 63 years old. he spent years in prison for the kidnapping and murder of a california school teacher. his conviction was overturned and he was freed in 1997. he always said he was innocent and claimed the fbi targeted
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him because of his activities with the black pan this party. he reportedly died of a heart attack in his adopted home of tanzania where he was working as a human rights account visit. an election thousands of miles away could actually cause traffic jam in our area this weekend. we are one huge step closer to paying higher tolls on the bay bridge. we'll tell you how much you can expect for fork over and when, when we come back. something to look forward to, our weather forecast. it will be absolutely fantastic. highs around 80. julie wright has a look at your on-time traffic coming up after the break.  beth!
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it's like a . welcome back. we are taking a live look over reagan national airport. hopefully be maybe your plans are flying out of here for the weekend. but here is something that is nice and sweet to think about besides the weekend. you can grab a sweet treat for tree today because it is national doughnut day. krispy kreme is offering one complimentary doughnut to each customer. no purchase is necessary for it. walk n got a doughnut. to locate a store near you, head to my favorite is the strawberry glaze with
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the sprinkles and the runner-up is like jelly filled. >> are you going to get your free doughnut today? >> i might try. what is your favorite. >> probably chocolate sprinkles. >> you don't eat that stuff. >> here and there. >> you're healthy. >> no, you're making fun of me because i eat doughnuts every day, pop tarts, doughnuts. humidity out there right now only about 45%. that makes all the difference when the humidity is low. let's talk comfortable tonight. you got outdoor plans? you want to dine outdoors tonight? it will be very, very nice out there. temperature in the 70s at 7:00,
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8:00 tonight. we are expecting quiet conditions, lots of sunshine today. a few thunderstorms return this weekend. the humidity will be creeping up as well as we get into saturday afternoon and by sunday. a little warmer too. but still, all in all, a nice- looking weekend. let's do temperatures. this is fantastic. look at this. 56 in washington. 5 # degrees right no in gaithersburg. 54 in frederick. i'm smiling because the forecast couldn't be better here. 68 in annapolis. 55 in win chest are and culpeper. fantastic looking morning here. going to be a great day with bright sunshine. up and down the eastern seaboard, just a few passing clouds throughout the day. there is your satellite-radar. we are talking relative quiet here. there is just not a lot happening. we will have a warm front try to get in here tomorrow. there will be a few scattered thunderstorms returning late in the day tomorrow and again for the day on sunday. the humidity will creep up as we get into the weekend t should generally be a decent
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weekend. going down to the beaches, same thin as last weekend. generally nice, could be a few thunderstorms by late in the day on saturday. another beautiful day today. 83 your daytime high. winds out of the north and west. that will keep humidity nice and low. temperatures falling back into the 50s for parts of the area. there is your forecast. let's talk the weekend. 83 today. 84 tomorrow. 85 on sunday so we'll be mid- 80s this weekend with just a few thunderstorms around. we'll see if we don't get a little rain. mid-80s for monday and tuesday. that is a good-look forecast. let's see if we can do the same for traffic. julie wright has the latest. >> here is the deal. there is an ongoing investigation of an accident. one lane is able to get by northbound 5. the investigate continues at this time so plan your trip accordingly. no incidents reported if you are traveling the top stretch
4:50 am
of the beltway trying to make your way past university boulevard and head over to 270. this is an easy trip. accident activity reported on the beltway near forestville road should be moved over to the shoulder. lanes are open each way at the wilson bridge. traveling over at the american legion bridge, no problems reported right now traveling between montgomery county and fairfax. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. an election in peru could jam up traffic in falls church this weekend. how is that? peruvian citizens living in states will cast ballots in the election on sunday. the polling places are both on leesburg pike. thousands of voters from our region and several other states are expected to participate. they will be encouraged to use public transportation but those who drive will be directed along interstate 66. the maryland transportation authority has given preliminary approval to increasing tolls on
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the bay bridge. it would increase the passenger car tolls from $2.50 to $5. that is beginning october 1st. the state says the increases are needed for road and bridge repair. public hearing will be held over the summer and the proposal also includes hikes for tunnels in baltimore. a temporary bridge is being installed that will eventually allow broad branch road in northwest to reopen. the city closed the road in mid- april after a culvert collapsed and create a sinkhole. d.o.t. plans to reopen broad branch by mid september. for now, using your phone to pay for parking is no longer an option for some district drivers. the pilot program ended yesterday. the affected areas are union station, dupont circle, k street, i street and new york avenue northwest. service will continue in the foggy bottom, georgetown hospital and ballpark areas. the service is scheduled to be expanded city-wide sometime
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next month. checking a health alert this morning, if you have to visit someone in the hospital, you might want to leave your relate phone at home. there is new research that says phones carried by hospital visitors are twice as likely to have dangerous drug-resistant bacteria like mrsa as the cell phone -- compared to the cell phones owned by hospital staff. experts worry the bacteria can be transmitted to patients. europe's deadly. coal eye outbreak has now affected three americans and they just traveled to germany. doctors around the world say they have never seen anything like this powerful strain of the bacteria. at least 18 are dead and another 1600 are in european hospitals. as fox's jane metzler reports, the cdc is keeping a close eye on the outbreak. >> reporter: the centers for disease control is keeping a close eye on the deadly strain of e. coli in europe. the legal bug is one doctors say they've never seen before.
4:53 am
physicians here insist the risk of injetting this new bacteria is low because very little produce is imported from europe. common symptoms include bouts of bloody dire other a fever and abdominal cramps. here is what can you do to protect yourself. >> have you to do the abcs, washing your hands, keeping your produce clean and counters clean, washing a vegetable thoroughly and you have to be very row active. >> reporter: germany initially pointing to cucumbers from spain as the e. coli source but after performing tests ruling that out, spanish official say their farmers will seek compensation for the loss of sales. the true cause of the e. coli outbreak is still unknown. with at least 18 dead and morning 1600 sickened across europe, doctors say it will take intense testing to identify where it is coming
4:54 am
from. >> i think the numbers will continue. >> reporter: health investigators continue to test toe matt owes, lettuce and cucumbers in germany where the outbreak has been concentrated. now to this morning's consume are alert. toyota is recalling 106,000 of its most popular hybrids globe globally. 52,000 of them are here in the united states. it is telling prius owners their cars could have steering problems. they say a nut may come loose causing the car it steer with too much force. only one minor accident is being blamed on the problem so far. it is a rough road for the unemployed. may job numbers are set to be released today and meantime, the demand for a livable wage continues. mary ann rafferty takes a look at one city where many people need a job. >> reporter: these job seekers are down but they are not out. >> i won't give up. i won't give up.
4:55 am
the world may give up but i'm not going to give up. >> reporter: hundreds of people look fig job shuffled through this career fair at the los angeles mission thursday. according to the mission's president, the need is still very high. >> we are seeing about the same number of people here as last, still seeing alet of people looking for work, people who have lost their benefits. >> reporter: the labor department reported the number of people filing first-time jobless claims dropped last week by 6,000 claims. >> it is hard to get a permanent job. it is easy to get something temporary or seasonal but not much permanent. >> i have agot a criminal record and i will still get work. now, it is like a very narrow road to get a job. >> reporter: the joble claims number has stayed above 400,000 since early april. many economists say employers remain reluctant to hire in this trang ill economy but
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there are some who remain ore not seeing a real strong influx of new jobs or a large amount of new jobs but there are jobs out there to be that. it take a little extra effort to find hem. >> reporter: the economy was generating jobs at a healthy pace earlier this year. employers added an average of 230,000 jobs a month in february, march and april. that marked the best hiring spree in five years. in new york, mary ann rav are they, fox news. could there be a glimmer of hope in the nfl labor talks. up next, details of a big court proceeding later today. wade out to bibby. three on the way off the rim. right hand jam by lebron clam. >> not so fast. wait until you see what the dallas mavs had in store a fantastic finish in the nba finals. stay with us. we'll be right back. know, and this is the next generation of air fresheners
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welcome back. this is being called one of the most stunning comebacks in history. the moves roll back. they stun the heat after looking at a 15-point deficit with just six minutes remaining. they come back to beat the heat 95-93. nowitzki did that. series tied 1-1. we might have a series. onto football. we are all hoping for some football come


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